Being the Very Best.

...That no one ever was. It's something that has been partially deprived for the Chinese, soon to be no longer the case. Jokes aside, how would you like to be the best that no one's done? It's part of this guy's drive to serve people to his greatest capacities - for a third time. I'm … Continue reading Being the Very Best.


Using Your Imagination.

Sensus plenior: Latin sense of fuller meaning. A book I've never read, "Questions are the answers," is commonly bought on Amazon with two books in my library: 'The Magic of Thinking BIG' and 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. This book that is not in my library is also a belief of the real … Continue reading Using Your Imagination.

Focal Quotient

What wins the forefront of the mind? A lover, an interest, the love of a sport? Service to others, purpose or love, a religious doctrine or a venomous tongue? An unpublished passion, your great escapes; a phantom life, the greatness of nature? Angels or spirits, health or woe? Finances in bliss, a credible pro? The … Continue reading Focal Quotient

Deep Honesty.

Critical thinking is one of the best skills you can develop for yourself. It takes a growth mindset to understand the value of this skill since it takes personal initiative to ever recognize it to begin with, once you're in the minutia. When staying true to yourself, you'll be deceived, eventually, if you don't put … Continue reading Deep Honesty.