Avoiding Mental Stagnation

To pick up from my previous post let’s dig into this topic. Mental stagnation is a topic we’d typically want to avoid. Instead of avoiding it, why not consider the prospects of seeking something that we do want in our lives? A fundamental application of this is regular and differing mental activity, so let’s go there.

Meditation, thoughtfulness, thoughtlessness, brain games, games in general, goal reflection, programming, designing systems, getting creative, practicing a discipline, learning a new language, creating something never-before-seen, learning from someone you don’t know…All of these can stretch and exercise our minds. The only other time I mentioned pattern interrupt is my first post, indirectly. Differing mental activity can act as a pattern interrupt and foster mental growth, similar to what happens with our muscles. Perhaps that’s partially why there is an application called the unfairness advantage in games? If that interests you, check out slide 20 of this. For the video version, go here.

Why would games be on a list for mental exercise, anyway? As it turns out, there is another blogger writing about the topic. The American Psychology Association (APA) is looking at it as well. They’re top listed on Google and that’s the only reason I know about them! Say, isn’t there unconventional psychology? How would that apply to initial innovations, and the reverberations throughout history? Perhaps we can understand something more in-depth after acknowledging an unconventional application?

Stagnation suggests a lack of growth, and the mind is indeed a personal responsibility. Wouldn’t it be wise then to acknowledge the role of personal growth in mental development?


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