Thoughts and things pt. 1

Thoughts become things. A line from the movie The Secret. How does a thought become a thing?  The statement discussed in my last post suggests that a committed mental navigation ought to guide our behavior. It suggests that we take a look outside of the life that we created for ourselves and check our own belief and processing skills. Belief can be seen as a touchy topic. If it offends you that I speak of it, I have good news – you have a lot to gain from this!

Belief has been seen as accepting that something is true, or that it exists. The first is like a trust fall – since it’s true, you would trust that it is always true, wouldn’t you? After all, that’s what it means to be true, and not a fact – something that is indisputably correct.

The other is that something exists. Put simply, couldn’t faith simply suggest that we believe that there is a higher power? Does that mean that we have to subscribe to one faith or another?

If you’re confused, disillusioned, or angry, I wish that it spurs you into understanding.

Even though many take the word with great esteem, belief does have several meanings. We can have belief systems and belief in a religion. Understanding the dichotomy can allow us to work on our belief systems without having to walk away from a religious conviction. Belief systems are an in depth topic that has been covered in many places in the personal development industry. One example I will point to is available free of charge. I recommend checking out chapter four on beliefs if the topic is interesting to you. Why would growing our belief system be so closely related with our ability to think critically, anyway? Is there something else at work behind the scenes?


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