Cone of Learning

Let’s continue where we left off with the Cone of Learning. Based on the model, we can receive more retention that is closer to being there. How can such a thing be useful anyway? Why not just be there at everything we’d want to remember? What is the value of memory?

I personally like this model because of the word simulate. The way it’s applied suggests that it is useful to the games industry and all of its’ applications. This is a huge melting pot of an industry, topping out at 91 billion according to research done by SuperData. It’s a little difficult to believe that this is still just a fraction of the whole games industry!

What’s stopping someone from reading something, identifying a way to apply it, and then applying it? Wouldn’t this increase their retention for a larger period of time after acting on the information? Do we really require directions from someone else in order to do this? If we didn’t have direction would the information still be retained?

Shout out to Venturebeat for citing their sources properly.


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