Ideas have consequences? Pt. 2

Let’s begin where we left off. Demonstrations and examples that challenge the way we think. They are all examples of something called a pattern interrupt. The traditional definition of this leans towards psychology. A search reveals that Milton Erikson could be considered the most influential. Be this as it may, Neuro Linguistic Programming is the first study to come up in my light search on the topic. NLP is considered to be a pseudoscience by some, yet another branch of psychology can hit the same value. The name is neuroscience.

Neuroscience in application has given researchers excellent insight. Initial searches reveal that it is a kind of innovation within the sciences. My experience with neuroscience is the pitch behind Lumosity. The idea is to train your brain for better performance. The process of doing so reveals many insights to the self-aware. One of which is experiencing the wisdom behind reacting versus responding.

By increasing your reaction timing, one of the possible results, you may recognize a space between your actions, your ability to respond, and those around you. As if time stood still before some recognized their ability to react. Eagle Eye measures this if you’re interested in the topic. It’s also essential to the seven levels of awareness, as previously discussed.

The consequences of ideas wouldn’t be complete without consideration for the opposite side of growth, decay. The limiting consequences of ideas can be seen in just that – limiting consequences. Suggestion of limit might foster more of the same if it goes unquestioned and unchecked. It limits itself regardless of any limitlessness that may or may not exist outside of the scope of the limits. at play. I’ll use myself as an example and move on, quickly.

If I had decided that it wasn’t a good idea to share ideas because there’s too much idea sharing out there already, this blog wouldn’t exist. If you like this blog, you would have never had the chance to experience what you felt about it. I wouldn’t know about wordpress’ network or anything else. I would be focusing on other opportunities in my life while having no structure for writing in a private practice that barely anyone knows about.

This can go in multiple directions. I’m considering applications of neuroscience as it impacts us today, abstractions of abstractions, and applications without a contrast. Is there something you would prefer? Is there a subject you’d like me to expand on? Otherwise, I’ll go with what excites me the most. Please do share!

Lumosity can be found at the link provided. Research about it can be found at this link. There’s even a place for researchers. They’re open to collaboration, so I do believe that is an opportunity!

On Neuroscience


NLP Demonstration


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