Applied Neuroscience?

Much to my excitement, there are several others besides Lumos Labs that are leveraging games for study. Among them is a game called Mozak, a scientific discovery game. I don’t know much of anything about it other than its’ application of neuroscience at this time. This excites me because according to an article published the same day as my post, people outperformed computers at the same procedures by at least four times the effectiveness.

So why is this so exciting? Why would brain games be such an interesting study? The Wikipedia article on neuroscience reveals some things that are being rediscovered by science’s study in recent years. Whether or not they become socially acceptable is up to us as a whole.

Of all the ideas mentioned in this article so far, I’ll hone in on the use of games. There was a study done in the 1960’s that created something called the cone of learning (experience). To show my humanity I’m not editing my statement. The cone is meant to demonstrate retention and methods of exposure that are more reliable than others. There’re several observations done on this study and applications follow them. There are varying views on the topic which I’ll link right here.

Applying Dale’s Cone of Experience

Cone of learning or cone of shame?

When viewing information that may or may not be true, is there room for a limiting mindset? Can a limiting mindset foster the same curiosity that an open-minded mindset can?

I look forward to expanding more on this topic in a post tomorrow!



Davis B, Summers M. Applying Dale’s Cone of Experience to increase learning and retention: A study of student learning in a foundational leadership course, QScience Proceedings (Engineering Leaders Conference 2014) 2015:6


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