There is a notion that suggests the simpler an ideal is, the more powerful it is. Such an ideal would encompass all and leave nothing excluded, even that which goes against it. The first thing that many would be reminded of is God, a higher power, Allah, a spiritual deity… Whichever discipline honors you best, if any at all.

I’m going to stay far away from the notions around any specific religion and hone in on one virtue that they all seem to share: Love. Some suggest that this word is the simplest of them all. Could there possibly be a way to determine which words are simple and which are not? If something is truly simple, would we even have to define it using words?

Next  I am sharing on the notion that ideas have consequences, along with a strategy that some have used to measure words.

Is there a subject, concept, or idea that you’d like covered? Please do comment and let’s see what happens!


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