Thoasp: Thoughts of an Aspirationist

Thoasp sounds a little strange, huh? Good – that means it’s different than what we’re used to reading. The purpose of this blog is to share and expand on the possibilities stemming from personal direction, done by originating and inspiring thought. To start off, I’ll be clear about this post.

To inspire requires a two way street. Someone can excite and motivate you through the roof, but you must take action. Without action, it was not inspiration that you received, but motivation. As it stands today, motivation and inspiration have their own separate meanings aside from their dictionary definitions. Put another way, action is the gatekeeper between inspiration and motivation. The difference is made with the audience, however, and not the speaker.

Aspiration isn’t just the name of a form of pneumonia. It’s also a means to direct ourselves. Anyone who identifies with their sense of direction could be considered an aspirationist. Without aspiration and inspiration, are we really growing?

Some would argue that there are few original thoughts. However true this may seem, I invite you to consider the first time you learned what your favorite lotion smells like. Was your original experience the first time this lotion was created?

If you enjoyed this post, please do stay tuned. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Thought belongs to all of us, so let’s do more of it.


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